Monday, March 06, 2006

Agents RANT!!!

Did some research on the agent I submitted to, and found out it is decidedly dodgy - look up Literary Agency Group on (writers beware!)

Ok, so you're saying - "Mungo, you stupid monkey, why didn't you google the agency BEFORE you sent stuff to them?" Well, I've no answer to that. I'm just glad I found out in time.

Had meeting of my writing group last night - The Disresponsible Nodpots. They just don't appreciate my genuis :-) but the meeting went well.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

February Word Count

Just added up the words I wrote for February and found out it was a nice 15,000 + - not too bad for a little monkey! I only started writing my book in January and already I am over half way through! Didn't manage to finish it for February (which was my plan) but there were visitors to the house, and it kind of cut down on my writing time. However, plan to get back to writing and get it all done in March. Having some interest from the agent I sent off to, so that is a good incentive to write! :-)