Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Now that the partying is over...

I've decided to get down to work again and submit my book to some agents. I have my list of children's agents I would like to work with, I have my personalised stationary, and I have my first 4 chapters edited. All I need now is a killer synopsis and to jot down an author bio and away I go! Agents beware!

I was thinking of holding a competition among my friends to see who produced the best submission package, but they are so darn slow I think I will be even whiter by the time they have it done. It's a shame, because it would have been fun to see what they would write.

Read Valerie's book at the weekend. It's very good. It gave me some ideas for my second book. Heehee.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Publishers - v - Agents

Did some research yesterday into the publishing world. Borrowed Iseult's writer and artist book and had a look through the publishers section. I really want to submit to HarperCollins - they publish the same sort of book I've written and I love their format and stuff, but they only accept submissions through agents (or so the big red book told me). I don't really want to approach another agent, but I'll have a look through the agents section and see if any grab my fancy.

MM finished reading my book last night and she loved it! We stayed up most of the night discussing what the second book could be about. I've dedicated the first one to her - she is my muse! She is also going to help me with my contract and all the legal jargon, when they start arriving. She knows lots about that stuff.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Finished my book last night, coming in at a little over 66,000 words, which is 16,000 more than I planned. It is all good stuff though, and I imagine it will stay in after the final edit. Gave it to my best friend to read, so it is really what she says whether I will go ahead as it is or rewrite it (so far, she likes it, so it looks like a go!) It is weird, I am a pretty confident chap, but when it comes to her opinions on things, I get all nervous! Another friend has offered to proof read the manuscript for me, and I thought I would let her work with some good fiction for a change. I hope she doesn't steal my ideas! Ha!Ha! Anyway, I felt sad finishing the book yesterday. It's three months of work and I really enjoyed writing it, it was sad saying good bye to the characters and wrapping it up. Of course, there is always room for sequels! I think I will have a few weeks break for Easter, and then I will think about sending out to publishers and starting my next project, which is a screenplay. I promised someone I would write them a screenplay before Christmas, so I better get my skates on or it will be Christmas again before I give it to them! I'm getting worried that with all this writing I'm becoming a boring fellow. I haven't spent as much time with my mates or played any games in ages. I don't want to become a boring author (even a boring, successful, rich published author). Mmm... will have to think about where this writing lark is leading me.