Friday, August 17, 2007

DNOTY 07 Poll results on DN Blog

I don't know if any of you regularly visit the Year of the Nodpots - the unofficially official Nodpot blog - but last week they had a poll to see who you thought would win Disresponsible Nodpot of the Year 2007. The candidates were moi, Valpot, Inkpot, Sparkie (?) and other. Valpot and Inkpot tied for first place while I ended up with second place and 20% of the vote.
Has everyone forgotten that I am the most productive Nodpot? I published a book last year, having never written before, and submitted it to 15 agents. This year I have already published my second book, waiting on release for my third, have my fourth book scheduled for December publication, and what about my fantastic seminar at the Fight to Write Conference, not to mention my So you want to be like Mungo? competition? My books have been voted best reads of the month THREE times already this year on the Year of the Nodpots. How can anyone say I am not worthy to win DNOTY 2007?
Of course, I'm not making a song and dance about this because I don't need to win DNOTY 2007 to feel validated. After all, I have my books, critical acclaim, achievements, winnings and fans while the others have - well, let me see - nothing.


Mango said...

Mungo, it's a scam! A cheat! A lie!

I'll never read that other blog again!

Even if the others matched your wonderful output, would they even approach the quality of your work?

NEVER! Not in a million trillion billion years!

You are the BEST! The VERY VERY BEST!

What idiots voted? Let me at them!!!!

Tottie said...

I am going to beat up everyone who is SOOOOOO jealous of you that they voted against you!

How could they???

Ungrateful twits!

Pinky said...

Hi mungs i tried to vote today but the poll was unavailable. I think you will win DNOTY 07 by the way. xxxxxx

Broken Wing said...

Maybe the voters (presumably nodpots) wanted to encourage the less productive dnotyies?? Affirm them so to speak. Or maybe it was chagrin because you cancelled the book launch as everyone was looking forward to it. You are certainly the most productive nodpot this year so far in every respect but is that the only criteria the dnotyies use to vote for nodpot of the year??? ANyway the oak trees don't feel the bitter winds as they say

Mungo said...

To Mango & Tots - Thanks. I agree. However, don't shun the Year of the Nodpots, what if they have another poll and you don't vote in it either because you're not looking at the blog?
To Pinky - Thanks.
To Broken Wing - A good point. I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar :D

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