Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poll Result

I thought it would be interesting to see which of my forthcoming books my public were interested in, so I took advantage of the new poll option and set up a vote. Now the poll is closed and here are the results:-

Rainbow and the Mountain of Life got 44% of the vote. It started off with little interest, which amazed me as it is so soon to be released, but in the last few days the votes started to pick up and it tied for first place with...

Tottie the Demon Rabbit Slayer, which also got 44% and seems to be the most hotly anticipated of my books. In one way I'm not surprised it got so many early votes (I thought it was going to prove most popular for a while) mainly because of Tottie, but also because it is something new and will be a darker, more comic departure from the Kingdom of Animals.

Writing is Easy failed to receive any votes, which is no surprise given that I haven't announced it yet. Rather more surprising, a future Kingdom of Animals novel received no votes either. Proving that Tottie the Demon Rabbit Slayer is going to be hot property, a future Tottie title received 11% of the vote.

This has given me much food for thought and will influence how my schedule for 2008 will pan out. Remember, all you eager Tottie fans, the scheduled release date for TTDRS isn't until Christmas 2007. You'll just have to make do with Rainbow and the Mountain of Life until then, which will be launched 29th September 2007.


Valinora Troy said...

Hi Mungo! The problem is there are so many to choose from - how can you prefer Tottie stories (which we know will be fab) to Kingdom of Animals (which we already know IS fab!)?

You should have had an option for All of The ABove!

pinky said...

i agree - an option for all of the above would have been a good idea. see u sunday mungs xxxxx