Monday, May 29, 2006


Well, I heard back from the agent today. They are going to pass on Leaf. They were pretty prompt too - took two weeks to receive, read and post back their reply to me, I would have got it quicker if I'd put enough postage onto my envelope! Anyway, their loss. I'll print off my next submission package tonight and post it out again tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Mango Day!

Just wanted to give a big shout out to the best mungobot in the world - Mango! Hope you are having a good time in the big city.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Picture of me

Here is a quick sketch of me Iseult did last night for my website. It doesn't really do me justice, I am much more handsome than that, but it does capture some of my essence.


Well, I've changed my blog clock to the correct settings, and now you will all see I'm not such an early bird after all - or maybe I haven't changed the clock correctly, and I really do get up at 5am to type! haha! What do you believe?

A lot has happened

Well, last Wednesday Dermot (that's Iseult's brother) said he had been in contact with his publisher friend, and he said send my novel in, so I spent the whole of Wednesday evening printing it out and writing my letter and printing out a really cool postcard for confirmation of receipt. Iseult posted if for me on Thursday morning, so I've another important date to put in my diary!

This Tuesday (tomorrow) it will be four weeks since I sent my submission package to the agent. I'll begin watching the post seriously from tomorrow. Heehee!

I have a website now! Iseult was working on hers, and I asked her to do one for me, so she has done up a couple of pages about me and my book. Check it out, the link is on the right. It looks quite cool, but of course, when I am a famous author, I will get professionals to design a cool new website for me!

Some readers have commented on the times I write my posts. While I get up early, I don't get up THAT early! Sorry to disillusion you, but there is something wrong with the setting of my blog clock. Maybe it is set for the wrong time zone or something.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pen alert!

Valerie's pens arrived yesterday and much as it pains me to admit, they are very nice. She gave one to all the Nodpots too, so she has stolen my thunder somewhat.

Haven't got news from my contact in the publishers yet, and Iseult left home AGAIN today without my book info. Ah well.

I'm thinking of starting up my own website about my book, so watch this space! How hard can it be?

Monday, May 15, 2006

A journey of 1000 pages starts with the first word

Ok, so I've started my script and I'm writing like a maniac again! I've finished the first act, and I've discovered something - script writing is fun! I'm imagining all these little characters running around in my head, but it is thrilling to think that I might see them running around on the screen one day too! I'll work on the second act today, and I hope to be finished the whole thing soon. It isn't going to be that long - 25 - 30 minutes max.

My pens arrived last Wednesday and they are shiny! They look really nice, and I've given one to all the members of my writing group, hoping that it will help sweeten them up for voting me member of the year!

Iseult's brother has a contact in a publishing firm, and he is trying to get me to send my novel to them. I printed out a few details of my book, so that he could tell his publisher friend about it, but I see it lying in the printer. Iseult must have forgotten to take it with her this morning. Women!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A pen, a pen, my kingdom for a pen!

Just got confirmation today that my pens have shipped and should arrive before the end of the week. I'm dying to see them and hand them out to all of my mates!

Haven't started work on the script yet, enjoying the sunshine today too much (don't see much of it in Ireland). Must get working on it soon.

Monday, May 08, 2006

To Name or not to Name, that is the question...

I've been thinking about the name of my book, and I think that the best title would be Leaf: In search of Rainbow. However, I'm not going to do any changes yet, as I still have to hear back from the agent (not that I'm hanging about the pc waiting for them to email or send me a letter or anything). Spent a few days with MM, which was great fun and very relaxing, but now that I am back home I suppose I should really crack on with my script. There was a Nodpot meeting last night, I couldn't attend (they didn't notify me in time anyway) and I hear that my task for the next meeting is to have the script finished - come on guys! It should be ok though, writing is easy and once I get started I should get it finished in no time.

Better get started so.

Still waiting on my pens (got some done with my picture on them to use for promotional purposes). I hope they arrive this week, but Iseult tells me they haven't even shipped yet. I'm dying to see them.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So, dear reader, I sent it off...

Yup, I did, last week. Got Iseult to throw a submission package together for me, looked it over to make sure I approved, and got her to pop it in the post for me. The agent says they aim to reply within 6 - 8 weeks, so I won't be holding my breath. I already have a couple of ideas for the next two books, featuring Leaf and Rainbow and a new character, Mango. Oh yeah - I changed the name of the book too. Iseult was getting all annoyed that 'In Search of Ramune' was too much like 'In Search of the Moon' (her book) so - to please her - I changed the name to Leaf. I think it still sounds good. Ordered some pens with my picture on it. It will be nice to write with my own personalised stationary, and I can give them out to people when I'm networking. They should arrive in a week or so, so I am dying to see them.
In the meantime, I better get started on my script for Curly. He is a big chap, and I don't fancy him coming after me if I keep him waiting any longer!